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Ephesus Highlights Tour (Private and Full-Day) Itinerary

You will be picked up by your guide from your meeting point. Your first stop will be the Temple of Artemis, where you will spend about 15 minutes. You will enter Ephesus from the upper city of ancient Ephesus ruins with your guide. You will be admired by;

  • Celsus Library which is the highlights and masterpiece of Ephesus
  • The largest Greco-roman theater of the ancient World
  • Hadrian Temple
  • Terrace Houses
  • The Marble Street
  • The Odeon
  • The Temple of Domitian
  • The Commercial and State Agora

When you are visiting Ephesus Archeological site you will be going to see the Terrace Houses of Ephesus which were the ancient Luxury Rich Roman homes.

Then you will go to the House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last years. Pope Paul VI. and Pope John II. and Pope Benedict had been and joined the services. That means it is still an active chapel.

After you all have seen the sites you will have your lunch in a Turkish local restaurant with delicious homemade Turkish food. There are options for vegetarians and gluten-free.

Sites to Visit

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The largest uncovered Ancient City of Turkey.

The last important person who had been in the House of Virgin Mary was Pope Benedict who he worshipped.

Rich Romans’ Mansions.

Duration Time

This will be your Private Full-Day Ephesus Tour, which means the duration of your tour depends on your interest. For the general idea, you will spend about 6 or 7 hours on this tour.

Recommendations: There are uneven ancient streets in Ephesus, please have your comfortable shoes and clothing, If you visit in summer please get your hat and sunblock creams and your water.

Tour Prices

Private Ephesus Tour price is changing according to the number of adults. Please ask the price.

Children; younger than 8 years old are free of charge, over 8 years old will be charged an adult price because of entry fees. (Children under 8 years old need to have ID or passports to be charged free of charge)

PS: You have a great opportunity to discover the handicrafts of ceramics, weaving and leather making, which were the main trades of Ephesus in the ancient times…..